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One head is good, but two heads is better. Serious project requires strong intellectual capital for completing development and integration tasks.
Complex goals become simple and easy for achievement under the power of multiyear experience.

Smart brains can:
- simplify any complex task and accomplish it
- generate ideas for improvement
- find way out of deadlock
- design and develop project of any complexity
- share experience and best practices
Purchasing our time you acquire years of successful and failure experience!

Web Development Methodology


Are you familiar with Agile, Lean or TOC? And names Edwards Deming and Eliyahu Goldratt (or maybe Bill Dettmer) means a lot for you? Then you'll understand the value laid in our processes and why we can provide highest productivity and efficiency.

We know adverse effects in developing projects and its root causes, thus predict, plan and avoid them during realization. Also we minimize and eliminate MUDA from your project development.

Our methodology and polished processes serve you to:
- minimize costs
- accelerate development
- deliver in time
While remaining flexible during whole project!


  • Project Royal Dynamite

    Royal Dynamite is new creative T-Shirts brand leaded by Cecil Williams and his partner Raphael Saye. People love them for their extraordinary and meaningful designs, but it's even move beloved due to their RD Cares Program according to which they donate educational package to a child in need for every t-shirt bought on their website.
    We've been proud to help them to build solid branded style for their online store powered by BigCommerce, blog on Tumblr and newsletter template handled by MailChimp.

  • Project Eduard Hotel

    Eduard is a comfortable mini hotel in Uzhgorod city leaded by Diana. It's become beloved by tourists due to their cosiness, tasteful nutrition, professionalism and kindest staff relation and definitely due to optimal location in the heart of city. The local population loves swimming in the pool under open air (and especially night swimming) in summer and recovery in the steam sauna in winter.
    We've been proud to help them to create pleasant and simple yet design helping their clients to quickly find all necessary information about the place, rooms prices and contacts.

  • Project Vinorob Kovach

    Oleksandr Kovach is Guru of wine production in whole region. He has was repeatedly awarded with quality certificates for his wine collection and pleasant customers' feedbacks. Due to rapid growth and customers' requests he also supplies wide range of equipment for wine production and related accessories.
    We've been proud to help him design and develop online store on Magento platform which allows effectively present goods to his customers, simply manage website content and handle orders.

  • Project BoutiqueOnze

    ONZE is a famous boutiques network in Montreal, Canada leaded by Annie. Customers love them for their cute design and designers appreciate their help for simplifying sales processes.
    We were happy to help them to integrate new custom design on their online store powered by NitroSell and step around all limitations and deadlocks of this fully hosted e-commerce system.

  • Project Kormushka

    Kormushka is a trading organization leaded by Ignat Vasyl. They've become reliable partner for agricultural organizations throughout whole country. The most recognition and gratefulness from their clients Kormushka acquired due to introduction of new solutions simplifying business and lives.
    We're proud for they've chosen us for building their website and promote goods online through PPC and SEO.

  • Project BBJEWELS

    Berry Brown is a New York City designer whos designs have been featured in top national magazines. Berry acquired recognition from consumers for creating new unique treasures that are inspired by classic antique designs which have timeless look.
    We're proud she has chosen us for integrating custom design to online store powered by BigCommerce, developing blog and continuous technical maintenance.

  • Project UKRHOT

    UKRHOT is a new startup in tourism industry providing exhausted information for travelers for choosing right place to rest. They've acquired recognition from its clients due to plenty of photos, helpful information and trasparency. Hotel partners beloved UKRHOT for its ease of collaboration and ability for generating more sales.
    We've been proud to design and develop whole system from scratch using latest technologies, promote services with SEO and PPC and continuously maintain whole engine.

  • Project SavySec

    SavySec is a doorman provider in London, UK leaded by James Johns. They provide qualitative services according to SIA and gained many loyal partners.
    We've been happy to help them redesign landing pages and manage AdWords campaigns and proud for reaching +300% improvement in sales while reducing costs by -30%.

  • Project Arshad Chowdhury

    Arshad Chowdhury is a famous and successful entrepreneur in NY, USA. Starting with his first company MetroNaps, being a Vice President at Crowd Interactive and now leading ClearGears he acquired invaluable experience of the ups and downs and become recognized by other entrepreneurs and investors.
    We've been proud for helping him running his personal blog on WordPress.

  • Project ARGO

    Argo is a mini hotel in Uzhgorod city leaded by Ivanna. Tourists love to stay here since it is in the very center of the city and provide highly comfortable rooms for stay and professional hotel services. Local clients choose restaurant in the hotel for hosting meetings, weddings, birthdays and just have tasteful dinner.
    We're proud for being reliable partner for more than 6 years providing design, development and technical maintenance services.

  • Project Road2Grow

    Road2grow is a professional course for improving personal relations, developed by Olga. She is taking part in programs LaL, School of Learning as Leadership and use knowledge for professional and personal development. Clients and friends loved her work for its ease, pleasantness and positive end results. We've been proud for Olga have chosen us to design DVD with box and brochure and develop her website for accelerating sales.
    Note: Website is temporarily unavailable.

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