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In-page analytics as never seen before. Simple, fast and powerful.

Nose for Google Analytics™
Google Analytics value


Google Analytics™ is the powerful and cost effective solution for analyzing websites.

You can find out:
- how many people visited your website?
- where did they come from?
- what people searched in Google to find your website?
- what pages they've viewed and what items purchased?
- what features your visitors use the most?
- and much more..

Google Analytics™ turns into even more powerful reporting tool with custom reporting!

Google Analytics setup


To make it all possible you need to have Google Analytics™ properly installed and configured.

Today our standard package includes:
- tracking code installation
- website goals setup
- conversion funnels setup
- e-commerce transaction setup and code integration
- page events JS code integration
- AdWords integration

All above you can have implemented in an hour or two!

Google Analytics custom reporting

Custom Reporting

Once you've defined success KPIs for your website or hired us to provide those for you, we definitely move to the more advanced level of analysis. Custom reporting allows to see particular metrics which provide important information to make actionable steps for your business towards improvement.

With advanced reporting you can:
- estimate performance of your SEO, PPC and other marketing campaigns
- define best sources to invest money in
- eliminate budget waste

This is not exhaustive list of opportunities you get from custom reports!

Google Analytics content experiments

Content Experiments

How can you figure out what customers really expect to see on website pages and what is pushing them to make the purchase? We offer you to get out of the "guesswork" and discover reality.

Expected outcomes after content experiments:
- improved conversion rate and sales
- increased customer satisfaction
- lowered bounce rate

With content experiments we were able to increase conversions by +300% for our existing clients!

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